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The Genbumom Store is your one-stop shop to find recommendations for products and supplies mentioned on this website. It’s a compilation of tried and true products as well as suggestions from my readers and trusted advisors (my semi-super mommy friends).

I have researched the products featured on this Amazon store. Bath, beauty, and cleaning items  are checked with the Environmental Working Group’s website/Skin Deep database at:

Trusted websites are used to search for Green Toy recommendations and I attempt to find 100% organic cotton clothing and accessories when possible. Bonus if it’s fairly traded.

Enjoy Shopping!

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Featured Items:

Simple Nontoxic Beauty Products: Bath and Beauty Products, Makeup, Facial Care, Men’s Products

img_7120 image image

Eco Kids Products: Bath, Toothpaste, Lotions, Toys, Clothing

img_7189 img_7206

Kitchenware: Nontoxic Containers, Safe Cooking, Eco Reusable Bags

img_5897 image

Aromatherapy Accessories: DIY Product Containers, Bulk Items such as Coconut & Jojoba Oil

img_7130-1 image image

DIY Containers: Tins, Mason Jars, Eco Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles

Lip Balm4 image

Non Toxic Cleaning Products: Kitchen, Bath, Laundry

image image

Craft Project Materials: Mason Jars, Burlap, Paper flowers

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If at any time you see an item you feel is not non-toxic, safe, or otherwise ethically wrong, please email me at and notify me. I will promptly research the discrepancy and remove the product listing if deemed necessary!

If you have any product recommendations I would love to hear from you- please comment or email me at

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