Bee Cake How-To


When I first set out to create a bee cake I scoured the web for some simple ideas. Most were heavy on fondant with all-fondant bee decorations, but I wanted a super edible and fairly simple cake.

I combined some fondant work with star-tipped icing design and was very happy with this resulting bee cake. The body is a double layer cake and very flavorful (that middle layer of icing really makes a rich cake).

Using a pre-made Wilton fondant made this super easy to work with! Click below if you need to order a small amount of Wilton Fondant for this project or Wilton icing gel colors.

Wilton 710-2301 Decorator Preferred Fondant, 24-Ounce, White

You will need:

  • 2 boxes cake mix (eggs and oil)
  • 3 containers icing-white
  • 1 package Wilton brand- white fondant
  • Food coloring –Yellow and black (Wilton brand works best)


  • 2 large cake rounds- for body of bee (double layer cake)
  • 1 small cake round- for head of bee
  • Flower cookie cutters
  • Fondant cutter (or pizza cutter or knife)


Tips!  * I prefer to mix my two cake mixes separately- one at a time. I bake one round of cakes, then remove and re-grease my pan and bake the second round of cakes since I only have one large cake round and 1 small round.

  • * Use unsalted butter and flour to grease pans. Grease and flour well so the slide out easily! Allow to completely cool before removing.
  • * You can make your cakes a day before decorating, but I recommend adding the one “under” layer of icing to keep the cake moist.  You can do your fondant and star-tip icing the next day.
  • * I sprinkle flour on my surface when rolling out designs so the fondant doesn’t stick.
  • * I keep my hands greased with Crisco (I know, gross!) – it helps to smooth the fondant if needed and prevents the food coloring from staining your hands.

Step 1: Mix cake and bake cakes according to directions.

Pour cake mix in a large round cake pan. (If you have two large rounds, use them both). Pour cake mix in a smaller cake round (for head of bee).

Bake accordingly. After cooled, remove from pan.

Step 2: Slice off top crowns so the cakes are completely flat on top and ice the small cake.

All cake tops need to be level. I use a very large serrated bread knife and slowly “saw” the tops off.

The smaller cake will be your bee head. Add an icing layer with a knife. It’s okay if not perfect. You need this layer, so the cake tastes good under the fondant and the fondant lays smoother.

Step 3: Add yellow coloring and roll out the fondant for Bee head.  Gently place fondant on top of cake, smooth, and cut excess from bottom edge with a cake tool or pizza cutter.   Create fondant eyes and mouth.

Step 4: Ice larger double layer cake for Bee body. In between the large cake rounds add a layer of icing.  You can place cake dowels to hold the layers together.  In a pinch I’ve used Popsicle sticks or wood skewers.

Ice the entire bee body with a smooth layer of icing first. It’s okay if not perfect. Step 5 will cover imperfections…

Step 5: Using a star-tipped Icing tool: Create black and yellow stripes. Patience! Use the star tip so it looks like a fuzzy bee!

Step 6: Add details! Color fondant black and cut out a triangle for the bee stinger. Two long black strips to make the antennae’s and 4 strips for the bee legs. Two long white strips of fondant were used to make the bee wings. Get creative and have fun! I use cookie cutters for the flowers.

Wilton Food Coloring: Lemon Yellow and Black- The colors really pop (see below) in the natural light.

Click below to order this Wilton gel color set via Amazon:

Wilton Set of 8 Icing Colors (Set of 16)

Of course we typically avoid dyes in our foods but the occasional cake never hurt anyone!

Happy decorating!   Of course, please read this article on Bee Colony Collapse and why we need to Save the Bees!  Tips how you can personally help to Save the Bee population.




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