DIY Birdfeeder: Trash to Treasure Series{Project #3}


This is the quickest project I’ve done this summer other than the Antique Clock makeover.

I found this Gazebo looking item at a garage sale. Never mind the creepy eye-less cloth bunny inside, it was mine for $2.50!  I removed the glass windows,  sanded it, added a few swipes of stain, and lastly a polyurethane coating.

I took some scrap wood posts and screwed in 3- 3 inch long screws to hold the gazebo to a piece of square wood. (Hint: Make sure your screws are long enough to go through all three items!)

The wood was then stained and poly- coated to prevent too much weathering.

I then used a 3/4 inch wood drill bit to bore 3 holes into the post and used cut dowel rod pieces for the bird “perches.”   Glue dowel rods in the holes with wood glue or super glue.

I kind of wanted to keep going and adding more perches, but I wanted to keep it simple.  I do think a lot of perches painting in a rainbow of colors would be cute. Or perhaps hand-painting flowers or ivy on the post would be crafting perfection!



I then dug a large hole in my backyard and packed it tight with some thick mud.  You could also pour concrete mix/cement in your hole, allow to dry for an hour or so, then pack tight with mud on top. This is what I did to really anchor it in the ground.

You can see the cement in the picture, I need to add some soil over the top. Then I’m going to plant some English ivy around the base.

What else could you use? A wire bird cage would look cute.  I like how this has a lid so I can take off and easily pour in bird seed or mealworms and the birds can hide out from the rain under it.

They are using it, as evident in the birdseed vanishing very quickly. I also spotted a cardinal in our backyard just two days ago, so we are attracting some new birds to our backyard. Very exciting!

Credit to my crafty co-worker Allyson, she is my #1 dumpster diving henchman and found the wood post wood for me by a dumpster! Trash to treasure, right?!


What else could you use to make a birdfeeder? Any simple DIY ideas. Feel free to post a link to your blog below or craft website!

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