Why I am retiring my cape {semi super mommy is now in the house}

There is something intrinsic about creativity that begets more creativity.  The more you practice writing, the more prolific your writing becomes. The more you draw, paint, or craft, the more ideas are spawned. However, we should not become slaves to our imagination and ideas.

A few times lately my husband has said to me ‘Where are you right now?’ I’m sitting in the room with him and the kids, observing them, interacting with them when necessary, but am I really present?  At times, admittedly I may not be. I’m thinking about a blog post that needs edited or a craft idea in my conceptual ‘still just in my mind’ stage. I always feel more grounded when I map out or calendar. Getting those items out of your head clears it up for more mindful here and now interactions.

I emailed a friend the other day in a slightly overwhelmed panic.  She reminded me to sniff my Stress Away blend, which I promptly did. The act of doing that slowed me down and helped me clear my mind to realize I just needed a plan for the next month.

I am so excited to help others, I need to slow down and help myself too. All the research or experimental concoctions I work on so diligently won’t come to life if I cannot move.

Currently, I am dealing with a pulled back muscle. Super Mommy decided she would jog two times over the Labor day weekend and then still attend Tabata class on Tuesday. Although I had the nagging suspicion something was not quite right with my lower back, I exercised at full force. Then it happened, that snap of pain that jolts right into you and the immediate tightness that ensues.

My initial reaction was:

‘Can I still make the homemade sweet potato chips tonight?’

‘Alright back off seriously disturbed super mommy’ I tell myself.

You will not be making anything because you just over did it.  Alexia makes really delicious frozen (Non GMO) sweet potato fries that your toddler loves. Toss those in the oven you creative lunatic.

One good feature of being down for the count is that everyone appreciates you slightly more- all the cleaning, cooking, assisting with the kids, being down on the ground playing with them- is recognized more when you cannot do it. Don’t get me wrong my husband helps a lot. The dishes are his domain. He also trained himself prior to our relationship to do his own laundry.

So the next time my husband sees that far away look in my eye and asks me, ‘Where are you right now?’ I know I need to come back down into my body and stop ruminating so much about the past, or mapping out the future, and rather be mindful of the here and now.  Next time the Semi Super Mommy will simply jot it down and focus on what is in front of her.

And if I really need a break, I can feign a back injury and coordinate from the couch.

Now, if I can just remember where I put that piece of paper….


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