Christmas Wood Slice Tree

I’m sortof obsessed with the simplicity of Scandinavian- style Christmas decor. My home style is a little more eclectic but this easy DIY wood slice tree fits right in!

All you need are a few tools: a saw and hot glue gun.  A miter saw would cut the slices more evenly but I used a jigsaw. My slices are uneven in thickness but that was the point!

Step 1: Stain your wood. Current fav is a burgandy wine stain color, but dark walnut would also look great. This piece of wood was 9 x 18.”

Step 2: Cut your wood slices. Find a thick branch on your next nature hike! Look for approximately a 1″ – 1.5 ” diameter branch.  You will want smaller and larger slices to mix and match.

Start cutting… you need 26-28 slices of various sizes (width and thickness). (Follow safety rules! Goggles, hands a safe distance away, etc…)

Step 3:  Bake slices at 200 degrees on an old pan (sap could leak) for 30 to 45 minutes to kill any critters.

Step 4: Start glueing your wood slices! Reserve one branch for your tree center. I used the top of our Christmas tree for sentimental value.

After it was all glued down, I weaved twine in a criss cross pattern along the outside wood pieces and added a red paper flower at the top. Hot glue works great, but if you want the piece to last longer, Loctite 1363589 Super Glue Ultra Gel Control Adhesive, 4g Bottle” target=”_blank”>Loctite Glue works the best (they make a great outdoor glue) for weather-proof bonds.

Jute cord was stapled to the sides for easy hanging.

Try different adornments, like wood button “ornaments” or a splash of red berries if you want more color! I’ll be making a larger scale one next year for our front porch.

Joyeux Noel from the Genbumom Family to yours! Enjoy your holiday decorating.

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Loctite 1363589 Super Glue Ultra Gel Control Adhesive, 4g Bottle

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DIY Holiday Décor with Jute Lights

Before and after pictures were a must for this project! I love breathing fresh air into what others would call ‘junk.’ There is always a story when you reclaim a piece of furniture. A simple sign on the wall becomes a conversation piece!

Two abandoned Adirondack chairs were  being left for trash at the side of the road by someone at the back side of our neighborhood.  I had noticed them on a walk with my family earlier that week. I may have driven past them a few more times in the subsequent days. May have. Come Saturday I had a date with my friend for garage sale shopping and our first stop was: the chairs.

Something about ‘dumpster diving’ chairs from the side of the road while in your mid 30’s tickles me, so it’s safe to say we were laughing the entire time we were lifting these into my vehicle. We knew they were there for scrap, but it was nonetheless hilarious to be ‘taking’ them.

At the time, I had planned a backyard bench project using both chairs, but ended up with this idea for lighted wall art after purchasing the jute lights at a craft store.  I paid a pretty penny for these pre-made jute lights, but you could DIY them yourself for cheap with lights from a dollar store and some jute. (See picture of a DIY jute light I made at the end of this post)

Step 1: Sand down your wood, but ONLY in certain areas to further distress and remove any rough. Clean with a warm wet washcloth to remove any dirt or debris.

If you locate any rotted areas, sand down, then fill with a wood putty and top with polyurethane to seal and prevent further issues.  Use the other side of the piece for aesthetic reasons (hide any wood flaws).

Step 2: Attach an extra strength wire hanger to the back.  I generally purchase mine at flea markets which can be cheaper than the hardware store. Look for 50 lb. plus strengths when hanging heavy wood.

Step 3. Level out the battery pack thickness.  The battery pack was glued to the back, then secured with a small piece of electrical tape, but it made the back of the sign sit uneven against the wall. Screw on a small block of scrap wood to level it out.  (See top right picture)

Step 4: Add Lettering or a Special Message. I bought plain wood letters, painted them a deep red, then added an antique glaze to the edges for a rustic look.  You could also use a paint marker or acrylic paint to hand write a favorite Holiday quote.  Get creative here!  Use song lyrics, a French or German language Christmas greeting, or a Monogram of your family initials.

Step 5: Make a burlap bow.  I used a tutorial from  The burlap I used was $3 for a spool and I had plenty leftover. It was super simple. You only need a hot glue gun.

Step 6: Attach the jute lights.  I chose to wrap it around in a circle pattern and VERY carefully used a hot glue gun. You do not want to burn a hole in your copper wire for your lights.  Twisting the jute to add the hot glue on jute areas only was easy to do, it just took time and patience.

I also added a burlap flower to the bottom left corner. Remember- creativity! You can add buttons, paper flowers, or a string of twine with clothespins to hang pictures from.

My friend Lisa purchased this from me at a craft fair and I loved seeing a picture of it on her wall!  It is very satisfying to know she will enjoy it every Holiday Season for years to come.


Want to DIY your own JUTE LIGHTS? It’s easy!  Buy thick jute cord (you can get a huge spool for about $5 at a craft store) and $1 battery operated LED lights from a dollar store.

As you attach your jute lights to your project, twist the lights and jute together tightly, then hot glue it to your piece. Be careful not to touch hot glue to your lights or cord, it could affect its functionality. I did this for this project below.  The frame is from an old art canvas.

Wood Snowman (No Saw needed)! 

Super simple wood snowman tutorial, so simple- no saw is needed. I made mine for just the cost of the wood rounds, approximately $4 each but I already had paints, screws and extra scrap wood.

 You may already have these items handy as well! 

You will need: 

  • 1 large precut wood round
  • 1 slightly smaller wood round
  • 6 X 48 (x 1″ or smaller thickness) piece of wood (for hat)
  • Wood Stake 
  • Paints (red, black, white)
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Drill and about 8-10 screws

That’s it! 

Step 1

Anchor both wood rounds to stake with 4 or 5 screws.   (Predrill holes). 
Stain if desired. I used dark walnut. I like to stain for a rustic look and to protect the wood from the elements. 

Step 2: 

From your wood piece, Cut an approx. 10 x 1 ” strip for base of hat. Cut an approx 7 x 6 ” rectangle for top of hat.  These are approximates, you can measure to fit your wood round head. 

Anchor to snowman’s head with 2-3 screws. I did glue the two pieces together with wood glue first, then anchored after dry.

Step 3: 

With remaining wood, cut to fit a desired scarf size. Anchor to snowman with a screw.

Step 4:

Paint and have fun! I always coat my outdoor   items with a clear gloss sealant spray. 

Get creative, add a red bow to the hat and eyelashes for a snow-woman, for example. Keep the stained edges exposed for a rustic look; add burlap or twine, or distress your painted areas with a fine grit sandpaper.

I’ll have a snow lady to keep him company next year! And maybe a gingerbread house, candy canes, lollipops…

Holiday Pine Cone Jars

Your kids will enjoy collecting pine cones at the local park and painting them. It is so simple anyone can make them. Perfect for a teacher’s gift or for grandma! 

1. Paint pine cone tips white.

2. Sprinkle on glitter. (I used blue).

3. Add berries to bottom of jar. Add a few smaller cones to bottom. Add a few twigs or holiday berries. I snipped a few off a branch I had in a vase. Add more larger pine cones. 

4.  Put on jar lid. Cut a round piece of burlap. Cut larger than lid brim. (I cut jagged edges). Hot Glue to lid. 

5.  Wrap twine around lid. Cut a large piece of twine, a few feet so there is plenty of room to tie a bow. Done! 

If you mess up, just start over. Turn some pine cones vertical and some horizontal until jar looks full. I used 5 pine cones total. 

Display on a table or shelf. I have mine on my kitchen windowsill. It sparkles in the light!  

Snip berries…

Paint pines cones, add glitter to wet paint.Cut large burlap round…Wrap lid with twine…

A perfect gift for a budget. Note: I used an extra large mason jar. You can make about 3-4 of these in just about an hour.

 Happy crafting!