Cabinet Door Art: Easy DIY Upcycle

This artwork was made from salvaged bathroom vanity doors when we remodeled our bathroom at our first home circa 2012.  The doors were a perfect canvas!  They are very sturdy.

I made two of these paintings (one featured a peacock mother and baby) but the butterfly one is my favorite!

I see cabinetry with “free” signs on them all the time by the roadside. Garage sales may also be a good place to salvage cabinet doors. Of course, I love to repurpose any item that would otherwise end up in the trash heap!

To do this simple project, you really just need white paint, a colored paint, sandpaper, a picture hanger and some acrylic paints. You don’t have to use a design or image, stencil your favorite quote or saying if you prefer.

  • Paint a white layer first, allow to dry completely (overnight), then add a colored layer.  I used a light minty color.
  • Sand down in a few spots all the way down to the wood grain.
  • Sand other spots lighter to expose only the white paint layer. Scratches and mistakes are welcome here for the vintage look:

  • Add a sturdy saw tooth picture hanger to the back.
  • Paint or stencil a design. I used acrylic paints.
  • Protect with a clear sealant spray, if desired.

A very easy and simple DIY project.

Lune as a noun means “moon” in French as an adjective “good.”  Papillon  means “butterfly.” So there is a little meaning there (I’m sure my translation is off… I think Lune de Papillon would have been more correct!? It had been 12 years since college French class!) and the fleur de lit is featured in a copper and black paint. A few images were meant to appear as a “French” postage stamps.

I was happy with the finished result. It’s been hung now for 3 years and at two different houses so it’s definitely a favorite piece.

I love how the cabinet door is from the first home my husband and I lived in together!

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