Christmas Wood Slice Tree

I’m sortof obsessed with the simplicity of Scandinavian- style Christmas decor. My home style is a little more eclectic but this easy DIY wood slice tree fits right in!

All you need are a few tools: a saw and hot glue gun.  A miter saw would cut the slices more evenly but I used a jigsaw. My slices are uneven in thickness but that was the point!

Step 1: Stain your wood. Current fav is a burgandy wine stain color, but dark walnut would also look great. This piece of wood was 9 x 18.”

Step 2: Cut your wood slices. Find a thick branch on your next nature hike! Look for approximately a 1″ – 1.5 ” diameter branch.  You will want smaller and larger slices to mix and match.

Start cutting… you need 26-28 slices of various sizes (width and thickness). (Follow safety rules! Goggles, hands a safe distance away, etc…)

Step 3:  Bake slices at 200 degrees on an old pan (sap could leak) for 30 to 45 minutes to kill any critters.

Step 4: Start glueing your wood slices! Reserve one branch for your tree center. I used the top of our Christmas tree for sentimental value.

After it was all glued down, I weaved twine in a criss cross pattern along the outside wood pieces and added a red paper flower at the top. Hot glue works great, but if you want the piece to last longer, Loctite 1363589 Super Glue Ultra Gel Control Adhesive, 4g Bottle” target=”_blank”>Loctite Glue works the best (they make a great outdoor glue) for weather-proof bonds.

Jute cord was stapled to the sides for easy hanging.

Try different adornments, like wood button “ornaments” or a splash of red berries if you want more color! I’ll be making a larger scale one next year for our front porch.

Joyeux Noel from the Genbumom Family to yours! Enjoy your holiday decorating.

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Loctite 1363589 Super Glue Ultra Gel Control Adhesive, 4g Bottle

As part of the Amazon Affiliate program I may receive compensation for products purchased via my Amazon links. However, I do not have access to your personal information or account information, nor does this affect the Amazon store prices.  Happy Shopping Genbumom readers!

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