Impromptu jewelry organizer

I had bought a package of discount door ‘knobs’ at a craft store and hoarded them in my normal fashion in my craft bins. Rather than use a store- bought jewelry hanger, I bought one more item and got to work on a cheap and quick project. I generally scout out clearance acrylic paints for under a $1.00 each at craft supply stores.

Items you need:

  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Unfinished wood scrap or store-bought piece (re-purposed wood is best for the environment)
  • Any item that could work as a ‘knob’ to hang jewelry from
  • Strong bond adhesive glue, such as Loctite Stik’N Seal
  • Damage-free sticker wall adhesives

Step 1: Paint your wood piece. (For an antique feel you may sand edges with a very fine sandpaper after paint has dried). If desired, coat with a glossy paint for a more ‘finished’ look.

MaterialsPainting with a color to suit your tastes

Step 2: Using your adhesive glue (in a well-ventilated area) glue your ‘knob’ piece in place. The finished example in step 3 are the discount ‘knobs’ I purchased. The knobs I used did not have any screws included.

MaterialsMaterialsAdd adhesive stickers

Step 3: Adhere the damage free wall adhesives to the back of the wood.  I recommend 2-3 adhesives. Using a level and pencil, mark an even line and stick to your wall. Hang your jewelry! This is a simple and chic way to display your favorite necklaces.

The finished project:

Wall art jewelry hangerimage

Easy access to your jewelry. I have had no issues with this sticking to my walls, even with the humidity from the shower. Simple, affordable, and adorable paired with some small wall art you already own!

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