Why I didn’t make the fancy potato salad

Cookout, the words thrill me. What savory new dish can I create? These thoughts pass through my mind before the hostess can even ask ‘Can you bring a side dish?’ I enthusiastically volunteered to bring avocado potato salad. I had made it about a month ago for my family and they loved it. Any chance I get to incorporate avocado and some herbs from my garden and I’m all in.

Fast forward to Saturday and I decide to take the kids to Fresh Thyme market by *gasp* myself to purchase some ingredients and the toy store. It’s was a hot, almost stifling humid day in Indiana but with my husband working that morning, I knew the kids and I would want to get out of the house.

All of the following occurred in the hours we were out and about:
* Entire apple juice spilled in my backback and my entire backside was covered in it
* The baby suffered a bee sting (why is a bee in a toy store?)
* Baby spit up on my shirt and on her shirt
*Embarrassing comment made loudly in the bathroom by my son about my womanhood
*Small whine-fest erupted in the personal care product aisle

Let’s just say we left without the expensive non toxic children’s sunscreen. It was time to go. The Plum organic fruit snacks saved the day once again and being only a semi-super mom I gave him a snack to squelch the whining.

Relatively speaking, the kids did great considering injury and the boredom that surely ensued at the grocery market for my eldest. I left feeling satisfied with the trip, impressed that my son helped load the groceries on the conveyor, and thankful I had a purity/lavender essential oil blend on hand for myself!

My husband came home to well fed and happy children and a mommy that was just starting some loads of laundry. Time got away from me and it was now 1pm; time to start dicing up those red potatoes and avocado. I sat on the couch next to my husband, laid my head on his shoulder and told him I wanted to get started.

‘Do you really have to or is this going to make you tired later?’
I replied ‘I have the energy now.’
‘Yes dear, but will it make you tired later?’

Good point- score one for the predictive behavior meter called my husband. Well, she did say she could just throw some potatoes in some foil and cook them on the grill and they do always have plenty of food…

I spent the next half hour watching my husband and son giggle non-stop as they watched a goofy video game trailer. I finished up the laundry without a rush. We even arrived a half hour later than expected to the cookout because we just were in NO RUSH to do anything that day. This would not have occurred had I made the potato salad. The day seemed longer, I was relaxed at the cookout, and we didn’t have any dishes to clean when we got home. A perfect Saturday with no potato salad. Simple.

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