A Harry Potter Halloween!

We had a fun  Halloween Design on a dime post last year and of course we had to top it this year with a mega themed Harry Potter extravaganza at my house!

I woke up a few Saturday mornings ago to decorate our home, yelling “Halloween 2016 Extravaganza is finally here!”  I’m serious, ask my husband. I used jazz hands.  I worked on the décor for the past few months when time allowed.  Overall I spent about $60-70 total.


Ask me how?

I bought the wood for the main sign in the Menards scrap wood section for about $.60 each. The post was free and the wood ball on top was $3 at a flea market.  Eyelet screws- $2 a pack at the flea market.  The large piece of wood for the orange Wizard sign was a dumpster dive.  I know, I have a problem.  It was by a neighbors trash actually. Just SITTING there, waiting for me.

I used pie pumpkins $2 each for the ‘Believe in Magic’ and Harry Potter pumpkins. The tombstones and cat I sawed from scrap bin plywood- $7 total.  The most expensive items were the purple lights and the spiders at $5 each.  My in laws graciously delivered the hay bale to me!


The Dollar Tree rounded out the display with $1 bird skeletons, creepy flowers,  witches hats, spiderwebs, and the hanging skeletons (Dementors).

I also spent a few dollars here and there picking up picture frames for the ‘Wanted’ signs on the front porch.

All other materials I scrounged up from around my home or they were remnants from previous years!

Yes, we already owned a wooden owl…

The owl was painted white to resemble Hedwig, Harry’s owl. My son helped me paint it, I like to involve my kids when I can in projects. He was also outside helping us decorate.

The Harry Potter Pumpkin was a Pinterest based idea.  I used an old t-shirt cut up and painted to make his scarf. A few spiders here and there completed the decor on the hay bale.


Hogwarts Signs

I wanted the white sign to represent diversity, so I painted an all inclusive monster listing at the bottom. All Are Welcome! Dragons, Elves, Dwarfs, Muggles, Trolls , and Goblins!


The orange sign was originally going to be about ‘spells and potions.’ This sign actually spawned the entire Harry theme idea.  Black silhouette details  were free-hand painted at the top and wood accents at the bottom…

img_9254-2  img_9248

Putting a spotlight on the display makes it visible at night…img_9193

Harry Potter ‘Locales’ sign

I am super proud of this one, the interchangeable signs makes this a piece I can use for years to come for various seasons.  I can change out the hanging wood signs.  In an effort to reuse, I’ll be painting Christmas words on the back of these.  The entire sign was made super cheap with materials from scrap bins and flea markets!

Adding details like the ball on top, the hardware, and orange lantern give it great detail!
















Hanging Hats

Dollar Tree hats were simply strung up with twine…


Death Eater Graveyard

Of course the Villains need to be gone and in the ground!

The tombstone were super easy and made of discount plywood cut with a jigsaw. I painted them grey and then splattered with black paint.

The graveyard is accented by black and purple flowers in vases and skulls. I added spiderwebs on the tree behind it. Actually, my father worked on that part!


Enough plywood was leftover to make a spooky cat.  Very easy to cut with a jigsaw…my daughter loves it!




  1. Old pictures frames painted to look weathered
  2. Print black and white copies of the Wanted posters from the movie
  3. Stain with coffee grounds. Simply rub wet (cooled) coffee grounds gently onto the paper to stain
  4. Crinkle paper into a ball, smooth back out and gently blow dry on warm setting
  5. Add to frames

Hogwarts Express Sign

You can buy wood rounds like this for under $6. Stain the wood and paint is all you really need to do. It was going to be on a tree, but then, of course, it needs to be on a brick wall like in Harry Potter!

Magic Wands

Again, super easy and your kids can help!


  1. Scrounge up knobby looking sticks at your local park
  2. Paint a dark base color, like black or dark grey
  3. Add glimmer or sparkle paint accents
  4. Decorate a mason jar and label ‘Wands’ or ‘Magic Wands’

Add additional Halloween Signs and Lighting

We added two spotlights. One on the hay bale display and one on the graveyard display. Two sets of purple string lights in the tree. My indoor windows are also lit up with orange and purple strings lights.

I bought a battery operated strobe light at a Dollar Tree I’ll put behind the tombstones on Halloween night.  A battery operated LED red light will be dropped into the witches cauldron also.

I also made a few other simple Halloween signs and of course you need a scarecrow!

Cement Pumpkins

A how to make cement pumpkin tutorial from last year is linked here. I love these because they will last forever! All you need is cement (mortar mix is what I use)-$3 for a 10 lb bag and glass vases or rubber balls.


Spooky Details

The wood piece in the background is from salvaged from two chairs I picked up from the side of the road.  Spooky cloth, a cauldron, and a broom completes this area.

The fence was $5 at a garage sale, I simply painted it grey. We added some large spiders on the front porch hanging from spooky cloth!







My son requested a Batman lantern. A friend gave me this lantern, she got it from  a Goodwill I believe.

A lantern has 4 sides, so you can easily customize each side! I added this Harry Potter quote (I made a faux pas with the text verbiage- see if you can figure it out).

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


‘Believe in Magic’ Pumpkins

Pumpkins painted white with glitter paint accents added.  Squirt a big blob of paint around the stem, then ‘drag’ a paint brush down for a ‘dripping’ effect.


I used a Sharpie oil based paint marker for the words and a spray of outdoor sealant.


Indoor Décor: 

The ‘Wicked Witch Lives Here’ and ‘Enter if You Dare’ sign tutorial is found here on Genbumom.  The Trick or Treat blocks were made from leftover scrap wood. Never throw out your scraps- make a scrap bin.  Reduce and reuse folks!

This piece is for sale on Genbumom Creations…

A few other Genbumom Creations signs made for others and a few I fell in love with and kept for myself!

And of course, the cutest little monsters ever…

img_9133 img_8889

I hope you enjoyed our little Halloween display. It’s fun, kid friendly, and you can do this on a budget with a lot of scrap wood, paint, and some creativity!





3 thoughts on “A Harry Potter Halloween!

    • Genbumom says:

      Thank you so much! I just worked each project one at a time. I started back in like August. We put it all up the first week of October. I regret not getting the post up sooner but I had surgery Oct 10th. I was glad I could blog while laying around recovering!

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