Holiday Pine Cone Jars

Your kids will enjoy collecting pine cones at the local park and painting them. It is so simple anyone can make them. Perfect for a teacher’s gift or for grandma! 

1. Paint pine cone tips white.

2. Sprinkle on glitter. (I used blue).

3. Add berries to bottom of jar. Add a few smaller cones to bottom. Add a few twigs or holiday berries. I snipped a few off a branch I had in a vase. Add more larger pine cones. 

4.  Put on jar lid. Cut a round piece of burlap. Cut larger than lid brim. (I cut jagged edges). Hot Glue to lid. 

5.  Wrap twine around lid. Cut a large piece of twine, a few feet so there is plenty of room to tie a bow. Done! 

If you mess up, just start over. Turn some pine cones vertical and some horizontal until jar looks full. I used 5 pine cones total. 

Display on a table or shelf. I have mine on my kitchen windowsill. It sparkles in the light!  

Snip berries…

Paint pines cones, add glitter to wet paint.Cut large burlap round…Wrap lid with twine…

A perfect gift for a budget. Note: I used an extra large mason jar. You can make about 3-4 of these in just about an hour.

 Happy crafting! 

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