The story of a Genbumom….


When my son was born, I called him ‘Mr. Turtle’ due to the way he craned his neck and looked around; it was the perfect moniker for his chubby face. A video game my husband was playing featured a turtle like creature called a ‘genbu’ which is the black tortoise in Chinese culture.  Thus, Mr. Turtle turned into Genbu. And I became Genbumom.

A Genbumom is a ‘semi super mommy’ that embraces the here and now.  We do not need to be perfect. We can strive to find our niche; develop  our  passions, contribute our voice to worthwhile causes, and accept and love each other for our differences.  One thing we need more of in life is grace for the imperfections. Perhaps even to revel in the imperfections.

We all have our stellar moments in life, where everything seems poignant and true, the air smells like it did when we ran in the fresh cut grass as a children, and time stops for a beautiful, albeit short, moment in time. My intention is to post a fun blog to share beautiful moments, artistic successes (and failures), and natural, organic living tips and tricks.


Photo of butterfly from local park

Mod podge paper craft

Mod podge paper craft


Cement outdoor votives

Homemade sugar scrubs

Homemade sugar scrubs

DIY baby jar 'lanterns'

DIY baby jar ‘lanterns’

I love repurposing old items found at flea markets, creating cement castings, painting with acrylics, and photography. I’ve practiced sketch art and painting since youth.  Last week it was mixing up handmade coconut oil, essential oil, and sugar scrubs. This week it’s simple necklace holder crafts.

I am the mother to a pint sized feisty girl that is thirteen months old and a three and a half year old son, who is bit of an old soul. My husband is your average semi-super dad who would rather be playing make believe pirates with his kids than anything else.  We believe parenting is an experience and journey. We strive to teach them patience, an appreciation for healthy living, and to accept everyone’s uniqueness.


What inspires me daily

The people who inspire me


I welcome any comments as long as positive and non derogatory. Any unwelcome content will be deleted. I am not a certified health professional, just a woman and mother on a journey to embrace simple living. I only offer my opinions through personal experience. I will not post a blog on any DIY project or personal care product without testing it first (unless otherwise stated). However….

What I discuss on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any particular disease. I am not a registered physician and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor.


Update 8.22.2015

I am now a Young Living Independent Distributor.  I may receive compensation if someone signs up for a membership under my member number.

To order Young Living Essential Oils: Visit or sign up here as a member.


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