Easy DIY Paper Flowers

Use pages from your favorite storybook or scrapbook paper!  Paint with your favorite colors or leave as-is.

I used grill skewers for my stems but you could use real tree branches for added character.  You can embellish how you like with buttons or beads for the flower stigma (center).

I love the look of copper or bronze colored craft wire wrapped around the stem.

You will need:

  •  Book (I used Alice in Wonderland)
  • Acrylic or Watercolor Paints and brush
  • Hot Glue
  • Stems
  • Scissors
  • Craft paper if desired
  • Optional embellishments: Craft wire, buttons, craft paper, craft beads, etc.

Hot Glue Method:


Step 1: Start by cutting 8 to 10 petals of various sizes, small to large (2 of each size). You can use watercolor or watered down acrylics to paint the edges for color. If the pages warp slightly that’s great! It adds character.

Paint the outside edges of your book petals if desired.

Allow to dry.


Step 2: Start hot gluing smallest petals first.  Continue to glue in a circle around the stem.

Step 3: After every 3 or 4 petals are glued,stop and turn down some corners of the petals:

When you are done, you are done. Nothing else is needed unless you want to embellish the stem with paper or craft wire. (Glitter or paint- whatever you like!)

No Glue Method: These flowers are flatter but still super cute!  Use heavy-duty craft paper (Hobby Lobby sells for about 69 cents for a large sheet).

Step 1: Cut one large base petal.  About 3×3 inches or 4×4 inches.

Step 2: Cut a slightly smaller inner flower in a different color paper. 2×2 or 3×3 inches.

Step 3: Pinch sides of the inner flower paper for some ‘depth.”

Step 4: After placed together, the two petals are anchored together with craft wire and button.

Cut your wire long and punch through the bottom and you can use it to wrap a paper strip around the stem.  (Again, no glue method).

Wrap tightly and if needed you could use some double sided tape. I just wrapped it VERY tightly with the wire.

All done! Super easy. One flower probably takes about 5 minutes.

I hot-glued a cute bead in the center of this one and used some wire for embellishment. The middle part is just as circle cut into a spiral shape, then wrapped and glued together:

These were made using craft paper and the hot glue method:

Put flowers in a small mason jar or vase and display! Would be really cute as center pieces at shabby/country chic-style wedding or bridal shower. Or to simply dress up your mantle or a bookshelf.


Hope you enjoyed these simple flower tutorials!

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